I'm a game developer and enthusiast of fun! It's nice to see that you've landed on my site.

I'm not too creative (believe me, I do try though), so even though I do tend to lean towards game development, I don't usually create that many games. Though I do love the technology that goes behind games. The best show of this is Mercury, an open-source 2D game library that I've been working on with the help of many others. Working on it has taught me a lot about OpenGL, advanced geometry, API design philosophy, and much more. It is basically my biggest
achievement in life so far. I also formed a group called Radirius Software,
which basically creates anything from small video games
to complex software development tools.

My only true goal in life is to be a programmer of games. I don't care
if it is doing AI design, engine programming, or graphical engineering, I just want to
one day know that I have contributed to the formation of a smile on somebody's face.

If you wish to contact me for some reason, then by all means: